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At Bluedawn, we are the online professional gallery for premium artwork.

Photographers, do you have a box of old negatives and prints? Is your digital collection filled with images that go unseen? Are your friends and family telling you that you should sell your work? Do you feel like you are wasting your artistic gift? Perhaps you have lost some of your excitement for photography.

We know what you’re facing. We have been there also.

We would like to invite you to contact us to learn more about joining our team of artists. Bluedawn has a generous commission plan and believes wholeheartedly in reviving the artist inside you, discovering lost treasures and stirring new creativity.


     reviving the photographer.
     awakening the artist.
     renewing excitement.
     stirring creativity.

Meet the photographers who share their art on Bluedawn.

David Poe
David Poe was born in Spirit Lake, Iowa in 1953. He studied photography and painting at the University of Northern Iowa and has taken photographs during his travels over the past 40 years.
Poe’s work has been exhibited at the Waterloo Center for the Arts and the Hearst Center for the Arts and featured in several national publications:

         "Smithsonian Magazine" — Cover Image, June 2004
         "Cowboys & Indians Magazine" — Portrait Winner, Photo Contest, March 2008
         "New Mexico Magazine" — First Place Winner, Photo Contest, January 2007
         "Islands Magazine" — Honorable Mention, Photo Contest, May 2000
         Epson — First Place Winner, Color Your World Photo Contest, 1998

Since 2006, Poe has created 28 photo books featuring his family and travels around the world, which can be viewed on his blog.
He lives and works in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Larry Herzog
Larry Herzog’s life-long interest in photography begin during high school and grew while working as a photographer for college newspaper, The Northern Iowan, at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) in Cedar Falls. As head photographer, he especially enjoyed building full-page photo essays on the seasons, campus life, sports, and a favorite, portraits of twin students. While an undergraduate, Larry took every photography course offered by the College of Art, where he learned not only the technical aspects of photography, such as developing color photos, but also artistic composition and an appreciation for non-traditional forms of creativity within the photographic medium.

In the early ‘00s, Larry was an early adapter to digital technology, purchasing one of the first binocular-like Kodak digital cameras of the era. Today, he works in an entirely digital format using mostly Nikon and Canon equipment. But always one to experiment, Larry says that “one of my favorite new toys is the Triggertrap, an app/attachment for iPhone that offers a variety of unique approaches to creating time exposure pix.”

Larry especially enjoys landscape photography and describes his style as energetic and playful, capturing beauty in nature and exciting cityscapes and events. His creative night image "Smoke on the Water" won First Place in Color at the Annual Arts Rolla! Photography competition in Central Missouri.

When he's not looking through his old negatives and shooting photos while traveling, Larry teaches early riser’s psychology at Hawkeye College and evening psych courses at Upper Iowa University. During the day, his main gig, according to colleagues, is “crunching numbers” at Bluedawn parent company, Standard Distribution Co., where he is Controller and a Co-founder of Bluedawn.

Liz Spencer
Named the 2014 Missouri College Media Association’s Photojournalist of the Year, Liz Spencer is a fine art photographer at heart. She holds more than two dozen fine-art photography and photojournalism awards. Her work is featured in award-winning media publications, in marketing and public relations campaigns, and hangs in frames on several walls.

Spencer's style is described as capturing the art in everyday moments. She shares her journey through the streets of Paris, the beaches of Cozumel, the Pennsylvania mountains, and the fields of rural Missouri in Bluedawn’s galleries.

Liz studied professional photography at Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, Iowa, graduating with the Top Portfolio Award in 2003. She now teaches communication courses at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. She volunteers creative communication services for non-profit, humanitarian organizations. Her passion is to create visual communication productions that enhance connections, relationships, and life. Learn more about her professional journey and see more of her art at

Fred Rose
Fred is the newest photographer to join Bluedawn. Find his vibrant work featured in the People category.

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